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Tripod Productions recently completed turnkey websites for two Austin-based attorneys.

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A Movie a Day

Hosted by Public Radio legend, Joel Block, "A Movie a Day" is based on the book by Steve Uhler. To learn more and listen to samples, click here.

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What We Do

At Tripod Productions, we believe you know what's best for your company. Our job is to work with you to discover how best to differentiate your business from your competition, delivering the most effective support we can - at reasonable prices - to ensure your greatest success.

We have more than 25 years' combined experience developing success stories with countless satisfied clients. The short list includes: Sears, Walt Disney Company, Levis 501 Jeans and A&E Television.

We offer a variety of marketing and PR services - specializing in innovative, customized audio presentations and programs, dynamic print campaigns and marketing promotions, as well as strategic web and brochure copy. We also have extensive experience writing editorial articles for strategic publications and planning important events, such as seminars, workshops and fundraising campaigns.

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